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Review of the Life of Frederick Duglass

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Frederick Douglass is a symbol of pride and freedom for America. His bravery in taking the risk of naming persons and places of his upbringing despite the fear he endured during his time as a slave is an act of non-other than an American hero. The legitimacy and honesty of his words on the page are very special to our hearts. Although Douglass dos face a point of human weakness in his narrative when he seems to have been broken and no longer has the will to go after his freedom he faces a turning point after the incident in which he is almost beaten to death by Covey. Douglass is determined to fend off this man who has caused him nothing but pain and prove his strength as an independent man and after this event, Covey leaves Frederick alone. His spirit is not even broken when his plan to escape is rated out by a traitor and he is recaptured. He and his collaborators are placed in jail and they remain for several days until Auld decides to send Frederick back to Baltimore. Once in Baltimore, Douglass is given a job working in the shipyards.

Although he is learning the skill of ship building, Douglass must endure the hostility of the white workers who are bitter about the blacks taking their jobs. During one altercation, he is attacked but due to laws in the North, he is unable to defend himself or fight back or else he could suffer the death penalty. After this he wishes to find work and live on his own but is dissatisfied and plans his escape once more. The readers are told next to nothing as to the specifics of the escape. Douglass claims this is to protect his collaborators from persecution and to leave his method for other escaped slaves to make use of. Douglass finally escapes into New York City. He is very afraid at first but finds that there are many ex-slaves that are willing to help their own.

This classic, is a lesson to not only society at the time but for all generations on equality and freedom. This is a critical point in history not only for African American right but for the future of America. Douglass makes it known that it doesn’t matter where you are from or what color you are, and why stop there. Differences in religion or beliefs are no reason to persecute or reprimand any person regardless of whether or not it fits your agenda. This story by a true American hero reminds us of the freedom we hold so dear. This is the story of a man who, agains unfathomable odds and by his own human nature detests the bonds of slavery, and through incredibly daring acts, personal strength and unrelenting spirit, secures his own freedom and paves the way for change.


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