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English 101 Confidence with Clothes Research Paper

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Fashion means evolution and is constantly progressing. We always see new trends, new prints, and new approaches. This goes along with people in the world, as you get older, you are not going to be wearing the same things you wore as you once did when you were a child. Getting older in life means that your style will also change to a more mature style rather than wearing wild colors and t-shirts. Many people also see fashion or clothing as a means for art and true creative artistic expression. Designers are artists that give us a part of their life through their creations, and we end up wearing them.

I think that clothing is very important in the world. We all need clothing to survive essentially, and without clothing it would be pretty hard. Sometimes people feel like they aren’t good enough for others or feel like an outcast, but I think that clothing is a good way to express yourself and it helps people feel better about themselves. Some may think that they don’t have good enough looks to be liked or that their personalities aren’t liked within the society, so instead of feeling down about themselves, they show their inner self through clothes. I really like how people can do this because once you accept who you truly are and what your passion is, you will eventually find people who like you. You don’t have to take fashion too seriously either, it is meant for you to break the rules and be happy with what you are doing or wearing. Another good thing about fashion is that it is for everyone, regardless of the budget. These days we can find clothing and shoes at any prices, so we don’t need to worry that high fashion is too expensive for us. You are unique and creative, or you are extravagant and simple, fashion is like a paradox. Whether you are a minimalist or exorbitant, you get to choose what you like more and in the end it doesn’t really mean anything. Clothing is clothing no matter how much it is or how it looks, you get to tell people about yourself with the things that you wear and being yourself and wearing what you want to wear will help you in the long run.

Putting on different clothes creates different thoughts and mental processes. I think that people need to be more aware of this, to understand how changing their wardrobe can change their mood and their thoughts. In addition to scientific research, Professor Pine said she also has tips on how to feel happier and more confident with the right clothes, explaining that not only we are what we wear, but that we become what we wear. The link between mood and appearance is clear. Our clothes tell a story about who we are, how we relate to others, and most important, how we feel about ourselves. Next time you are having a bad day, skip the sweats and lounge wear, and put on your favorite outfit, something you know you know you look and feel great in.

In conclusion, fashion is what makes you who you are as a person in terms of your style, it brings that style from within, it defines you, its’s your own ideology. Wearing what you enjoy to wear and dressing up will affect your mood and confidence, so get up every day and get dressed, as you will feel better by doing that.


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