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Child Abuse Research Paper

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In conclusion, negative aspects can be seen in all forms of abuse and each cause developmental problems for the individuals. First off, child abuse effects a victims behavioral, social, and social development. By these developmental issues one may fall behind in many aspect of life whether that is in relationships, schooling, or in every day tasks that help one succeed. These individuals now have a harder time catching up to the average person and there successes. Secondly, the long terms affect that abuse have on an individual is very detrimental to the victim. They live a life from a young age to adulthood with complications. They are more susceptible to experiencing a mental illness that does not allow them to be fully independent. Also, due to these long-term affects they are more at risk for ending their lives as suicide changes increase. As well as they are more likely to encage in illegal drug activity, which puts them at risk for drug over dose. Finally, society does not realize the implications that child abuse has on taxpayers. Lots of money goes into short term and long-term treatment for these individuals. If programs were to become more prevalent and effective cost may be lowered, but more importantly victims may be able to life a happier, healthier, and more successful life. Child maltreatment is present in all countries and throughout all different levels of social class. It is a rising social concern, even though programs and communities are helping parents where needed, the end is not in currently in sight.

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