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A Walk in the Woods

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of cotton cling to her fur. I watch these deer and realize this tree and field does not belong to me. This places belongs to all of us, including the animals, this is where they go to find food and stay out of harm’s way. This place is not only my most peaceful spot but the most peaceful place for these animals to be as well.

The longer I sit here against this tree, I recall some of my favorite memories involving my siblings and I. Thinking about my surroundings, I remember in the winter sledding down the hills in the back of our property, avoiding trees and rose bushes as we rush down. I remember traveling through the same valley we go sledding down with my cousins in the spring picking flowers for my mother. I reflect on these memories that mean so much to me. In this peaceful environment I start to think of everything that has happened in the past and how much life changed.

Everyone needs a special place they can have all to themselves. Where one can have an open mind to everything and not feel pressured into what other people think and do. Their place should be peaceful and comfortable, this place should appeal to all of your senses. A place to which one might go after a stressful day and feel as if all their problems melt away. My special place brings me contentment in knowing that while I’m under that tree I’m alone and protected from the unwanted opinions of people who do not truly know who I am as a person. I can only hope that everyone has a place where they feel just as safe as I do.


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