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A Rose for Emily - Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

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end of the story, we figured out that she killed her lover with rat poison in order to keep him with her all the time, or so she thought, and developed Necrophilia. The truth about her true identity came out, and shocked most of the people when they found out that when she bought that rat poison which they thought that she was intending to commit suicide, was actually for homes, whose bones were found lying in a bed with a strand of white grey hair on the pillow next to it.

    Another interesting story that isn’t as creepy as the first is “the rocking-horse winner” by D.H. Lawrence. The story mostly targets how people struggle with keeping up their appearances and how they affect those around them whom are supposedly close. In the story Lawrence pictures the mother who is very unlucky in her life. Where it starts off with her being lucky but ends up miserably unlucky and greedy. “There was a woman who was beautiful, who started with all the advantages, yet she had no luck.” (Lawrence 1), see the key concept here is luck. In the story when Paul, her son, asked her why they weren’t so rich, and always needed more money, she simply answered him that they have no luck which made him determined to find that luck and make his mom a lucky person again. What he didn’t know was that the mother was a shallow person who lost her affection for her children if she had any to start off with. Lawrence pictured their family as the family who buys things they don’t need with money they don’t have. Always trying to keep their appearances up in front of the society, so they won’t lose their social status even if it means that’s going to cost them their children’s education savings.

“My family has been a gambling family, and you won’t know till you grow up how much damage it has done. But it has done damage” (Lawrence 12) in the story, it mentions that their family is well known for their gambling habits, and how they are not quite successful at winning the bets. She is warning her son from the damages that can result from gambling when he gets older, and too addicted to it and relying completely on it. However the little boy didn’t listen to her until he desperately thought and made “sure” which horse will win in the derby which costed him his life.

    I believe that Lawrence wanted to point out that with the pressure from society on ones appearances can result into making one into a shallow, greedy, self-centered individual who will not care even about their own children and what kind of effects they have on them.  

From both stories we can conclude that money, and social appearance plus society talk can drive one person insane. The effects on the person does not have to be just solely on them, but it could also be on the people who are around them. Social pressure on individuals has very negative effects on people to the point where they lose their humanity and alter the way they live and think and perceive


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