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Public School Does Not Serve or Fail Students

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Finally, with an atmosphere of conscientious teachers or reasonable policies, some students still cannot succeed because of themselves. Students’ attitude determine whether they will succeed or fail. A good school still has some bad students who are lacking of self-control and never listen advices to teachers; a bad school also has students who are ambitious about their future and adapt to the tough environment to work hard. “I was sent off every Monday to the Spectrum School for the Gifted and Talented. I still have no idea who selected me, who singled me out” (Nguyen, Page92) Even though that Mrs. Alexander did not like her, there were still some eyes that found the gifts and talents. She got in the Spectrum and absorbed more knowledge with the help of Mrs. King and felt much better in the Spectrum environment. Furthermore, when she matured she learns more. “High school was the least interesting part of my education, but I did accomplish something: I learned to forget myself a little. I learned the sweetness of apathy….. Almost not caring what would happen if I walked into a room late and all heads swiveled toward me.” (Nguyen, Page93) Nguyen finally learned that how to deal with the trouble in the public school through apathy, pretend to be unconscious of something that embarrasses her. She worked hard by herself and began to care less about others’ opinions. “But there is a slippage between being good and being unnoticed, and in that sliver of freedom I learned what it could feel like to walk in the world in plain, unself-conscious view.”(Nguyen, Page94) Knowing how to distinguish the apathy and unnoticing, she grew up so quick and tried her best to become the good immigrant student. On the other hand, her sister Anh is totally different from her. “Anh, disliked school from the start, choosing rebellion rather than silence. It was a good arrangement: I wrote papers for her and she paid me in money or candy; she gave me rides to school if I promised not to tell anyone about her cigarettes.” (Nguyen, Page93) Complaining about the public school system and shorting of self-control, Anh gradually damaged her future. Obviously, they were in the same school but they were totally different. The unfair treatment led them choose to do different things: rebellion and apathy. Eventually, because of good attitude and hard endeavor, Nguyen got more and more self-accomplishments and became to success.

In a conclusion, each public school has a lot of differences in U.S. Some has good teachers and school policies which can offer students a healthy environment and sufficient conditions which means school leads student positively. Other schools hire teachers who have unfair statement and set unreasonable policies can easily fail students. However, public schools play the role as the instructor for students. If a student have a view of what he should do, what he wants to be, what he does not want to be and a positive attitude toward the study, he can become successful in any environment, no matter bad or good. Barry had a good public school experience but she also had a right attitude towards the study of arts which helped her become a cartoonist. Nguyen experienced an uneven public school atmosphere and unreasonable school policies but she realized what she should do to become successful. Therefore they came from opposite stories but both have big achievements now. Public school does not fail them or serve them. Students serve or fail themselves.


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