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Problematic in Schools: Dropping Out

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Problematic in schools: Dropping out

The number of school drop outs is higher as time passes. Nevertheless, there are many things we can do to prevent this problem. This problematic is seen in many places and the possible causes for it are plenty. For example, easy paying jobs without the need of a university level of education or even a high school diploma is something that has influenced in school drop out rates. In addition, the economic situation of some students leads them to leave school early (drop out) to help their families subside by working instead of studying. Then, as we can see, the main influence in the increasing of school drop outs is the economic aspect of people’s lives. And so, we will be discussing on various ways we can help alleviate this situation, so this problematic does not continue.

Firstly, easy paying jobs are a big influence in the school drop out dilemma. Every day, there exists more jobs that do not demand their employees to have a high level of education or even a high school diploma. And so, students do not see the point in finishing their studies, because they notice that they can get easy money without having to do it. With this in mind, there is one thing we can do to stop this from happening; establish an obligatory requisite that all hiring entities must have, hire people with no less than a high school education. Consequently, making anyone who wants a job and make some money finish his or her studies first.

Secondly, the economic situation of the majority of students forces them to quit school and get to work, so they can help with their families and own financial problems. The financial situation of some students, be it what it may; poverty, having a single working parent, having no working parents, being the single provider of the family, even being a single parent, influences in the decisions they have to take, in this case, work or studies. And disappointingly, they do not have a choice but to choose work. Nevertheless, this dilemma can be resolved by, on behalf of the government or another public entity, implementing various and very complete financial programs that can really help those students who present this kind problems. Ideally, these programs will try to adapt to the students’ situation and offer easy paying or even scholarship modalities, so that whoever takes place in these programs will not have any major financial problems.

To conclude, we can see that some of the main influences that have to do with students dropping out is money, the economic aspect in their lives. So, I propose that offering various financial support modalities to our students, will result in them having better opportunities to better their situation. Thus, resulting in a considerable drop in the school drop out rates currently present in our society. And hopefully, making this world a better and more educated


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