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Is Having Too Much Money a Bad Thing?

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accurate. Hence, having too much money can change your personality, destroy your moral values and make you ostracized among other people.

Another major reason why too much money an immoral thing is because it creates a false sense of security. It is obvious that the biggest priority in life for a human being is to have an abundance of money. As for people with a lot of money, they mainly have to live in fear and paranoia of losing all their fortune someday. These people live their lives in doubt and usually distrust people that are exceedingly close to them, which can lead to broken relationships and complications. A person that has a great amount of money will certainly attract attention from insincere people who try to befriend them only for personal gain. This leads to suspicion and mistrust of others, which can end relationships badly. Wealthy people are often lonesome because they have trouble trying to figure out who their true friends are rather than having people who are constantly next to them only because of their money. In other words, too much wealth may lead to suspicions and mistrusts, which then leads to melancholy.

People should aim to simply be satisfied with having enough, and be appreciative for what they have rather than intend to desire for more prosperity. As having too much wealth is unnecessary, it is important to offer those who are in need for money rather than waste it for redundant items. In addition, wealth can change the personalities and corrupt the minds of upper class people. There are certain cases where people with an abundance of money are arrogant and proud of themselves in ways that make them abhorred amongst a society. Having too much wealth causes paranoia to those who distrust other people and are suspicious of the fact that their wealth will be wiped away in a matter of no time. Today, the earth has become divided into 3 different groups: the upper class, middle class and the lower class. Human beings have the priority to balance out the money amongst the whole world rather than having the world fall apart by letting the wealthy become wealthier and the poor more insufficient.


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