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10 Good Things and 10 Bad Things from Globalization

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10 good things and 10 bad things from globalization


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10 good things and 10 bad things from globalizacion

Teacher: Roberto Barrios

Gabriela Emily Maheng Velázquez


The good things

1. The techniques and personnel have been updated through some universities and polytechnics.

2. Cultural exchange with much influence of the American power (work related to data)

3. Food aid for communities.

4. Political conflicts become global. The strike to remove Lucio for example.

5. Democracy is becoming global, because they believe that capitalism will flourish.

6. The liberalization of International Trade, the expansion of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

7. The emergence of massive cross-border financial flows. There was increased competition in global markets. This must have a combined effect of two underlying factors: policy decisions to reduce national barriers to international economic transactions and the impact of new technologies, especially in the fields of information and communications.

8. It increases diplomatic relations between nations.

9. To facilitate the circulation of goods and technology, benefiting from areas difficult to access to them.

10. -The cultural exchange is facilitated and enriched.

The bad things:

1. Dependence of the capitalist countries for assistance to the third world (World Bank, Monetary Fund).

2. The economy of the Ecuadorians is only an appendix, since the decisions are taken by the multinationals.

3. The opening of markets causes capitalist countries to flood with poor products to countries like ours. (Brazil sells cheaper software from Microsoft)

4. Very poor working conditions compared to those in the USA. The maquilas in El Salvador, for example.

5. Attack on the environment as the TEXACO case in eastern Ecuador.

6. Usability of technology in an environment where there is no infrastructure. Incipient Fiber Optic Network in Ecuador.

7. Escape of profits, since generally the profits that are produced with national work are sent to foreign banks


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