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Get over a Bad Habit

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Get over a bad habit


Get over a bad habit it’s too hard, and even more when you have a lot time doing it. For me this bad habit is be late always, is something that brings me too much repercussions, as are don’t have enough time to do what I have to, have a bad impression on people, and don’t prove care on my responsibilities. My dad is always saying to me that I have to finish with this and I don’t put a lot of attention, but this time I’m really sure that I can break finally this horrible habit.

First of all be late can ruin a lot of things, but the most important, or at least for me it’s don’t prove enough care in my responsibilities, because it is about don’t be on time on important occasions like work or school, I had big problems at consequence, for example in school when I get late for class and lose information that can be important, or the teacher can prohibit me the enter and miss a whole class can have repercussions like don’t do a exam or pass the due date for a paper work, and for work the worst thing is that I can be fired by my boss. A helpful tool that I can use for this problem is motivation, think in how my future can be affected by go late, my career or my financial life in both, this will let me see how important can be administrate the time.

The second thing it´s have a bad impression on people, sometimes I can be late on meetings with friends and the can get angry, or in dates when I try to impress a guy it can ruin all, it can also be tangle with my obligations because my professor or boss can think wrong about me. Such people consider that this can be a disrespectful action, and even for some cultures it is unforgivable. My option to solve this specific issue can be put me on mind that I can get people hurt by my actions, and also I wouldn´t like that someone do this to me so I can´t do what I don´t want to be done to myself. I am confident that this can be useful.

Even though don`t have time to do all my need stuffs it is the last one point of being late it`s not least important that the other two, and it can make me across in enormous bad situations, I can forget grab something important for school or a personal thing that I have to use later. It happen all the time, I have to run back to my house to pick up something that I leave and this is truly stressful because it actually makes my waste more and more time, and obviously be later. At times I can´t get ready on time, like I can´t done my hair, or make up, I’m always on hurry and I look as a complete mess. It might be the most correct thing do a list of what I have to do, if is possible a day before so I can be sure that I don’t leave behind important or not important stuffs, or have enough time to do all that I have to, take the exact time and don’t lose any minute.



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