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How Is Atticus Displayed as a Role Model in the Novel to Kill a Mockingbird

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The writer suggests that Atticus is a role model throughout the whole of the text by giving him the ability to give life lessons in part one of the novel and letting the reader watch Jem and Scout put them to the test in the second. The final Life lesson that Atticus teaches them in part one is given when Jem had been told that he had to read to Mrs Dubose until the end of the. Even though she is one of Maycomb’s firm believers in racial segregation and doesn’t share the same morals as Atticus and the finches Atticus believes it is a courteous thing to do after he cut down her flowers in a fit of rage. There are almost two lessons combined because through this lee teaches us that sometimes in life we have to do things we may not want to do linking back to when Atticus didn’t want to take on the Tom Robinson case but chose to anyway because it would benefit himself as a person and then the writer goes on and puts ‘“I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand.”’ This reinforces to the reader that Lee has morals behind every action in the novel by making Jem do something that previously little sense at first but then became clear as the story progresses which is almost what she does with the mockingbird quote. The placement of the lesson by Lee indicates to the reader that it is something significant to remember going into part to because it is placed at the very end of part one and may be the biggest life lesson she has to teach us. In my opinion Atticus believes that his biggest weakness is his ability to shoot as it goes against many of the set morals and is an unfair advantage. This reveals that Lee has placed this to demonstrate that everyone has there weaknesses and to Atticus this is his.

Atticus also evidences biblical qualities of sacrifice because he is willing to give up the love of his son to teach him one final life lesson as he thinks that Heck Tate wants to cover up what happened to Bob Ewell. Lee reinforces the idea of him as a role model through Jem and his truthfulness towards him, This is shown when Atticus says

‘“Before Jem looks at anyone else he looks at me and I've tried to live so I can look squarely back at him...”’ this suggests to the reader that Atticus only wants to show his son the truth so he can grow up to look at people the way he does himself. The use of the word ‘tried’ in the quote has connotations of challenge and shows the lack of self-belief that Atticus has and that could possibly come as a shock to the reader because Atticus is known as a strong knowledgeable character. This links back to when Atticus had to take on the trial and

Overall Atticus represents morality and is the voice of reason in the novel to kill a Mocking bird; Lee has created the perfect character that is able to shape the novel to effect the characters in the book and the readers too. His stern but fair attitude towards his children reaches the courtroom as well, politely proving to the community that Mr Ewell was in fact a liar. Atticus is the character who is the least effected by prejudice in the novel; whose ability to accept others is his advantage throughout the novel helping him to see both sides of arguments. We finally know that he has a big impact on in Maycomb society when they elect him as state lawyer which shows that even though the outcome of the trial turned sour for Atticus it left a big enough impression on everyone to believe that he was right for the job. He, Miss Maudie and his children jointly changed the views of Maycomb society for the better.


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