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Can the Differences Between Cultures Make It Difficult to Adapt to the New Environment?

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As for my own experience, I went abroad only as a tourist for several days. I have visited only two countries: Turkey and Egypt. I would like to point out several aspects which I have found strange and very different in Egypt. Life in Egypt is very different to the West and many people may experience culture shock. If you are coming there for the first time, you will notice that Egyptian culture and society differs from your country. First of all, Arabic is the hardest language to learn. Most Egyptians who deal with foreigners speak some English. In fact, many speak German, Russian and other languages too. Sometimes, the Egyptians can be too intrusive and this can even scare you. Once, my mother and I were in the local street market and the salesman grabbed us by the arms and dragged us to his shop. We were a little scared and left the shop, as a result, he swore at us in his own language. But they say that Egyptian abruptness shouldn’t be interpreted as rudeness. The next point is that a few Egyptian express too much interest to foreign women and it can be really dangerous. Though, they are very friendly and in a tricky situation they are ready to assist. The next feature is the weather. It is extremely hot in Egypt in summer, especially in the centre of the city. Egyptians had to wear cool light clothing and wigs to keep themselves cool during the hot weather. Inhabitants are used to this kind of weather but for tourists this is unbearable. It is impossible to breathe because of the dry air and the sun is rather hot to the body which leaves sunburn. As for food, in general Muslim Egyptians do not eat meat and their cuisine consists mostly of legumes, vegetables and fruits. I found it very different from Russian cuisine and I did not like it a lot. And the last thing that was unusual for me is their clothes. The majority of Egyptian women wear the hijaab which covers the hair and generally wear clothes that conceal their arms, chest, and legs. There are a minority of women who do not cover their hair and there is also a minority of women who wear the niqab which covers the mouth and chin.

As for me, I have never suffered from culture shock because I have only visited different counties. But due to different people’s experience I would like to give some practical advice how to endure culture shock. You should know that to avoid this emotional state is impossible. The main thing is to try to be busy with any affair and never stay lonely. It is necessary to understand that culture shock is inevitable state, which demands time and adaptation. Of course, we should believe that everything will pass and be optimistic in spite of bad mood and sad times. It is also easier to endure culture shock when you are confident in your language skills. Knowledge of language ruins some barriers and obstacles. Besides, it is necessary to get acquainted with the foreign traditions and respect them as your own.

In conclusion, there are a lot of differences between countries and what might be quite normal in one culture, might be unusual in the other one. The differences between cultures can make it very difficult to adapt to the new environment. You can encounter unfamiliar clothes, weather, and food as well as different people, schools, and values. Communication, respect, and the ability to stay open minded to other cultures is very important, it will help to cope with culture shock.


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