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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

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math problems. Christopher implements these skills throughout his journey from Swindon to London. Once Christopher arrives at the train station he feels sick and wants to fall he overcomes this by covering his ears so he can navigate through the station. Another time Christopher implements these skills is when he gets off the train and the experience makes Christopher feel pain so he closes his eyes and doing so causes him to refocus his mind. Finally, Christopher likes to use math problems. Christopher loves to do math or science because they both have logic and order, especially prime numbers. Boarding the train to London Christopher sits down and thinks about a math problem he thinks about the problem to help him focus his mind on something else rather than the people around him.

In conclusion Christopher has begun as a curious, scared and non-logical thinker to an adventurous, brave, logical thinker by going outside and exploring out of his comfort zone, developing skills during moments of anxiety to refocus and calm his mind Christopher has come a long way giving him a feeling of accomplishment from receiving an A on his math test and learning that even the toughest times are bearable.

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