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Nestle Nesfruita Marketing Strategy

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drunk it and so it is recommended by the elders as they trust it. In the case of slice the superior quality gives it a competitive edge. Nesfruita is a type of a make shift brand which is considered when there is no other option available to the consumer. If we consider the price range of 20rs then this product is placed on third rank. They said that it has no competition with the superior brands names like fruita vitals, rani, minute made etc. It has a very basic market and a particular lot of consumers consume it. They said that there are some new entrants that have dented the market of nesfruta like Shezan that is offering a tastier and thicker juice with different flavors. Consumers are attracted a lot towards it and it is coming up a very strong competitor. With its declining sales the company has launched a new way to reach out the potential customers by giving out a free box of Nesfruita with the purchase of 1 liter box of fruita vitals by this they are giving a free sample of their product and making sure that those consumers are also made to try it who previously didn’t want to change the brand in this price range. They said that this campaign helped the company increase it sales a bit but was not a great hit. So the company is now investing more on its advertising and billboards with a lot of posters pasted outside the shops which we visited. They told us that Nestle Nesfruita is not offering any trade discounts but on the other hand Shezan is doing so by offering them bulk buying discounts and giving incentives to those sellers who promote their product more. The distribution channel is very simple of Nestle Nesfruita. They have distributors who come up to their shops and supply them with the packs they have ordered. These packs are being supplied to them directly from the production factory and is being indirectly supplied the final sellers. The distribution channel is strong but with less demand and limited stocking space doesn’t have to come by often. The pricing of this product is rupees 20 and it is constant throughout the country nobody is allowed to alter the price and it includes all the taxes and GST’s. Below is a table showing the prices of the other brands in this category of boxed juices with their specific names:

Name Price

Slice Rs20

Fruito Rs20

Nesfruita Rs20

Table 1: Same Price Range

Name Price

Nesfruita Rs20

Rani Rs45

Fruita Vitals Rs25

Table 2: Different Price Range


With all this information we can easily conclude that our brand is not very successful one in terms of its popularity and sales. It is trying very hard to stay in the market and compete with the other brands. This is quite evident from the fact that some of the stores we visited doesn’t had Nesfruita at all because of its very low or equal to none demand.

The company has to increase its product quality by all means so that it can have an appealing picture in the mind of the consumer. It has to offer something unique so that it can stand out in this price range and can counter the new challenges and competitors. It should try to engage more with the final sellers so that they can promote their product more in comparison to the other products offered and this can only be done with an effective marketing team who are well aware of the ongoing changes in the real market and can provide solutions that are helpful for the brand to grow.


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