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Introduction of a Feasibility Study About Coffee Shop

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Conceptual Framework




- Profile of the Respondents in terms of:

- Age

- Gender

- Civil Status

- Religion

- Monthly income and allowance

- Educational Attainment

- Different contributing factors in operating a coffee shop be described in terms of:

- Market research

- Menu composition

- Lay-out and designs

- The possible outcomes that affects the different factors in operating coffee shops be identified as to:

- Income generation

- Competition


Traffic counting and people counting

Statistical treatment of data

Percentage, weighted mean

Frequency distribution

A proposed feasibility study of a coffee shop named

“Kape Ala Eh”

In order to understand the concept of the study, the following paradigm presented. The conceptual framework of the study uses the Input-Process-Output (IPO) whereas the input of the study that the researchers aims to determine the profile of the respondents, factors in operating a coffee shop and the possible outcomes that affect the factors of operating coffee shop followed by process in which the gathering of data through questionnaires, the statistical analyzation of data is done and the output is the proposed feasibility study of a coffee shop.

Significance of the Study

This study is identified to be beneficial to the following:

- Future Entrepreneurs. The study will help them a lot in studying the possible consequences and factors in putting up a coffee shop so that they can assess freely and when they decide to put up a business like a coffee shop they will exactly know what they should do.

- Hotel and Restaurant Management Students. The study which will be the output of study could be a great help to HRM students because it will allow them to learn and review the different procedures in putting up this kind of business as a reference in their studies to provide them an information and better understanding and equip them with knowledge.

- Customers. This study will help the customers to understand the operation and enable them to evaluate or assess the problems encountered in coffee shops.

- The Researchers. Through this study, they will have an effective way of showcasing what they have learned and come up with an output, in the form of making a research study that would benefit to others. This study will also serve as a background and added information on how to establish a successful start in this business. The study will also enable the researchers to be more resourceful and studious in the field of this study.

Definition of Terms

For better understanding of the study, some terms are operationally defined:

Lay-out and Design. The terms refer to the different physical arrangement of the business in which customers feel at ease when they are in the establishment.

Profile. It refers to the distinct characteristics of the respondents like age and gender which researchers believe has bearing in the present study.

Menu. List of food that will be offered to the customer in which it will be a factor to attract them.


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