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Collections Burger Business Plan

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1.3 Start-Up capital spend and ROI

In the Collections burger shop, both owners invested RM150, 000 which a total of RM300, 000. Our investor has invest RM180, 000 to help the shop grows. In the first year (2015), we loss around RM10, 000 in the second year and third year, we get back around RM8, 000 to Rm12, 000 respectively. We expect to get our ROI (Return in investment) within 5 to 7 years because our shop is predicted to achieve good sales volume increasing year by year.

2.0 Products and Services

In our burger shop we not only sell burger, we will also sell sandwich, snacks and others. We focus on types of burgers more than others. Alcoholics’ drinks will not be sold in our outlet, as our DIY Burger are promoted as a healthy and positive lifestyle.

The services that we provide to our customers are giving our employees a training course. We make sure our employees not only in quantity and also in quality. We also offer basic barista for those who interested on it. Customers will enjoy the services and the environment that we provide because it is comfortable for them to have places to enjoy their meal. Other than that, students also can have their own discussion or revision group in a small cabinet that we provide. We have also installed excellent Wi-Fi facilities for surfing.

Product Description

Collections are planning to sell burgers, sandwiches and desserts. Main products sold are International Burger and DIY Burger.

International Burgers include European Burger, China Burger, Little Burger, Simple Burger, Cheese Burger, Tempura Fish Burger, Turkey Burger, Salmon Burger, Ham Burger and Egg Mayo burger.

European Burger is a vegetarian burger with vegetarian meat, special sauce (honey mustard, sour cream and etc.), onion, cucumber, tomato, cabbage and lecture. It is a healthy meal for those who are on diet and vegetarians. Little Burger is the unique burger which contain 6 mini burgers with different meats and different ingredients in each little burger. Other than that, we provide delicious cheese slice for Cheese Burger. We fried the tempura fish with our secret ingredients to make Tempura Fish Burger. We usually cook salmon fish with teriyaki sauce to make it delicious and unique in Salmon Burger. Teriyaki sauce will only apply on Salmon Burger. Ham Burger in Collections is not those that we can normally find in supermarket. It is ham slices which are the cut of meat from a hog’s hind leg. Egg Mayo Burger is also a unique burger in our shop which we seldom eat in other places.

Product and service feasibility

In this modern economic era, there are plenty of busy individuals all around the world. For example, there are white-collar workers who work almost half a day and college students who spent most of their time on studying and doing their assignments. Due to their lack of time and energy to cook, most of these busy individuals choose to solve their eating problem outside. There are a lot of restaurants and stores out there for them to choose, but since they’re always tired from working or studying, they want to choose places with fast serving food, as well as getting the satisfaction from having delicious food.

Due to the attribute of being affordable, portable and customizable, burger serves to be one of the most chosen foods during worker’s breaks and student’s free time. Our shop motto is to satisfy our customers’ appetites and gives them the ultimate satisfaction they should have while paying a reasonable price. As mentioned in introduction, our shop offers a bunch of selection and customizable burgers which uses different formulas that originated from different countries. It allows our customers to customize their own burger with choices of different kinds of meats, breads and ingredient. It is completely up to customer to choose how they wish their burger to be if they want to customize it.

Below is the design for our menu which can easily presents our best selections for customers, along with all the side dishes and beverages inside to be chosen.

Our menu

[pic 1][pic 2]

[pic 3]

[pic 4]

International Burger

- European Burger (VEGGIE) RM 5.00

- China Burger RM 6.50

- Little Burger RM 5.50

- Simple Burger RM6.50

- Cheese Burger RM7.50

- Tempura Fish Burger RM 7.50

- Turkey Burger RM 6.50

- Salmon Burger RM7.50

- Ham Burger RM 6.50

- Egg Mayo burger RM 5.50

[pic 5][pic 6]

Egg Mayo Burger Ham Burger

Collections provide a special and unique section for our customers which are DIY Burger in our menu. DIY refers to Do It Yourself. DIY Burger refers to customers can choose their own ingredients in order to make their own unique burger such as the quantity of the ingredients and put them according to the idea. For example, they can choose more or less meats in a burger to make it look like each meat have different sauce on top of it. They also can choose to make it themselves or we make it for them. If they choose to make it themselves, we will put all the ingredients on the table and let customers to enjoy themselves. Besides that, they can order DIY Burger for their family and friends as a surprise present. They are few special ingredients in DIY Burger section. For example, we will offer salmon fish with teriyaki, baked salmon fish with cheese and grilled salmon fish for customers. We also offer few choice of cheese for our customers to choose especially for those who allergic to cheese.

[pic 7][pic 8]

European Burger (VEGGIE) Salmon Burger

DIY Burger

Range RM7-15 depend on what kind of ingredient they choose

Ingredient: -Bread, Meat, Sauce, sub ingredient


- Special Sauce- Teriyaki sauce, honey mustard,


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