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Globalisation Shakes the World

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in the 21th century, a very strong trade union has appeared which clarified many regulations and structures of the traditional manufacturing industries. It also helped in enhancing the activities of Human Resources department.

• Pestle analysis of McDonald’s :

McDonald’s is the largest fast food category in the world. As there are around 35.000 MacDonald’s stores in more than 119 countries . In addition Macdonald’s served around 68 million clients in the last year (2014). MacDonald’s is usually operate its business whether as a franchise or as MacDonald’s corporation, Specifically in UK there are around 65% of MacDonald’s departments are being run as franchise and the rest 35% are operated by MacDonald’s itself.

Political factors :

It’s often that the fast food industries are unpleasantly from the government due to the health harms that may be cause by the fast food owing to the high range of Saturated fat oils and acidic materials and many of the unhealthy materials which could lead the consumer to a serious illness such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. However, many food industries put into consideration their consumers health as they make it as their priority target in order to gain the consumers and government’s trust . (Appandix-

• Economical factors :

In the few past years the world have been in a really though economic stagnation which led to a shortage of the profits and that led to a huge losses due to the decrease of the demand of the clients. However, there are some food industries that weren’t affected some of the industries had a great chance to get higher revenues due to the high demand because many clients saw that eating in an restaurant would cost cheaper. In the 2008, in the period before the crisis , UK food industry had an increase in terms of the profits of 4.5%, with an overall increase in demand for McDonald’s products around 4%. In addition , Japan, France and Belgium also had an increase in the revenues , while in US the revenues did not increase however, it did not decrease.

‘Sociological factors :

Fast food on general is unhealthy due to the fats that it include which always create fear in people , especially in the last few years many awareness campaigns were launched which affected the food industries negatively. In 2004, a man called Morgan Spurlock, an American social-commentary Filmmaker, he decided to eat at MacDonald’s for 30 days for 3 meals a day as he always take the super-size and after the limited day he found that he have gained 1 stone and 10.5 pounds, had a cholesterol level of 230 (where levels below 200 are considered healthy) and had developed cirrhosis of the liver (Spurlock, 2004). This prove was clarifying how harm is MacDonald’s. Replying to that , MacDonald’s start offering healthier meals such as, salads, fresh juices, milk, fruits, as they also launched new tactics in terms of their marketing campaigns which costs them around $35million.

• Technological :

Technology is always affects the performance of any food industry in a good way, it enhance the management, advertisements on internet, as it simplify the way of payment which makes the clients satisfied.

• Environmental :

Macdonald’s have started a number of corporate social responsibility policies centered to limit form the pollution , They engaged in the “ Earth Hour” and this encourage many other companies to turn off the lights and machines for one specific hour in every year to reduce the carbon’s affect on earth.

Legal :

Macdonald’s is operating a great force in controlling on the safety of the meat as they get at least 70 checks per day to guaranty it’s customer’s health. The safety of the food is required from the law as they can use it as a tool to assurance their obligations to quality. (appendix-

• System approach :

This system include two another kind of systems, the first system is called closed system, that do not influence or interact with their environment. And all their outputs and inputs are internal and for example to that , ford company and R&D. the second type is, the opened system which is, dynamically interact with their environment by taking inputs and transforming them into outputs, that are distributed into their environment. For example, marketing department .

• System contingency :

Is a technique that each company must use in order to mange any issues that could happen in the future, and to take all the necessary precautions in case any mismanaging happened in the previous plan. Even though, the second plan is only a prediction however, it always have to be taken in consideration. In addition, MacDonald’s have also used this method , they added some healthy food such as salad and fresh juice, especially after the period where people become more aware about their health.

• Conclusion :

To sum up , McDonald’s follow a very good strategy in terms of the safety of their clients such as, when MacDonald’s deal with their meat suppliers they take checks to ensure the food quality. This gives a very good reputation to the industry as it helps the company to gain the trust of the customers, furthermore, this tactic is very beneficial to the company in both the long and short term.


• Legal :

Mc have been though many judicial problems due to many companies and people suing them which leads to many losses in terms of budget of the industry, as a solution Mc have to find an easier way . MacDonald’s has many opportunities in order to stay in the white spot such as affording home delivery option as they also could avoid the unhealthy materials and provide more healthy food to target variety of people. As it also have to work on creating variety of different type of food and drinks like lately MacDonald’s have launched its McCafe and McExpress which had a great turnout from the clients. However, it has some threats that could be threaten the industry as mentioned before , people become more aware about their health which leads them to eat healthy food instead of Mc’s food that means that Mc have to improve the


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