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World Bank

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While the World Bank announced, that Mexico leads the economic recovery in Latin America, the risks posed by the euro area concerned the CEOs in the country, revealed the exercise pulse Expansion 500 in the second quarter of 2012. To question them about the global economic, political and social environment, executives felt that 12 months ago to the date, the situation is the same at it - 0.137 points, with improved minimum with respect to the measurement for the first quarter of this year (- 0.012), where 2 is much better, 1 best, equals 0, - 1 worst and - 2 to much worse. To 2013, the situation would be the same in strict sense, although with a cam rises to settle at 0.120 units.

According to the World Bank, the country leading the recovery in to the, whose growth in 2012 (estimated at 3.5%) is far more favorable than anticipated. Pulse Expansion 500 is a quarterly indicator of confidence which was applied in this edition to 70 '500 largest companies of Mexico' CEO of the Expansion magazine. Mexico moves in the index highlights that you despite the negative global environment, Mexico inserted in the global economy continues to be well evaluated by executives. 12 months ago, when the score is 0.47 units and for the next 12 months the average rises to 0.63, near best, because that the national economy has been strengthened by the hand of the United States.

Growth in Nations that have strong commercial ties with the United States highly benefited will be by the increase in demand and Mexico particularly will see a sustained industrial production demand, “considered the World Bank, who forecasts growth of 4% in our country for 2013. "Expected that in 2012 the manufacturing override even the previous records," adds the institution. Also, for the CEOs surveyed the economy of the United States has improved, because in the past 12 months’ points rated it to be 0.34, but for the following 12 months bringing the average to 0.56 units, but still cannot sing victory regarding the recovery of the neighboring country.

Labor policies such as the double bonus or the increase of the minimum wage generated in the economy a "Lighthouse Effect" which allows you to positively influence the informal sector, per the director of the Center for economic research and business administration of the University private Bolivian (UPB), Ricardo Nogales. In his statement during the twentieth meeting annual of the Association of economy of Latin America and the Caribbean (LACEA), that was held in Santa Cruz, the researcher pointed out that labor policies, even though they may be rejected by employers, can generate a greater movement in the economy and favor the large informal sector.

That is known as the " Lighthouse Effect " and in this case the fact that formal workers have


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