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7/11 Case Study

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Franchises were put up in the high density locations and the biggest investment were advertising through local medial.

To get more market penetration and adapt more to the Taiwanese culture (given that the 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan were those of the US but they needed to get more specific in the market), the PSCS had taken steps to provide localization by adding local flavors which were more preferred by the Taiwanese consumers selling hot microwave package food which a consumer could grab at any time of the day. Hence, localization strengthened the concept of convenience store in Taiwan

- Does the service differentiation offered by 7-Eleven in Taiwan deliver competitive advantages to the Store chain? If so, how?

Yes. The services offered by 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan did add on the competitive advantage of the store chain because it was perceived as one stop shop where people can purchase their daily necessities and can also use many of its stated supplementary services.

The basic notion behind adding these services were to ensure that the footfall in the store increases which the store can capitalize on and use it to increase its sales. Hence, a consumer who wants to renew his license can use the I-Bon service of 7-Eleven and can also purchase some necessary good for himself. This increases the sales of the 7-Eleven stores and works as a competitive advantage to the store since this was first of its kind experience for the Taiwanese consumer who had a unique trait of obsession with immediacy.

- Can the operational format of 7-Eleven in Taiwan be expanded to other countries? Why or why not?

Yes, I believe that the operational format of 7-Eleven can be easily expanded worldwide. With the advent of IT and all social media, a consumer gets access to a range of whole new experience.

Finally, their business model can be a hit since consumer’s perception has changed over the years. Now we want services to be quick and one stop solution, no waiting time. The concept of localization will also add to the increment in the sales since a consumer of particular region will have more liking towards their traditional products.


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