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Critical Thinking

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I had my mind filled with the negativities for the social media, the kind of language used by younger generation people in it and the massive exposure of negative messages. However this experience helped me learn in first person how social media can be of great help in times of natural calamities.

This experience prompted me to join the local ham radio club; I could learn about yeoman service they did during the time of this natural disaster and many other natural disasters in various parts of the world too. I was surprised about the nature of activities undertaken by our local ham enthusiasts and the work they did during the period of the flooding.

The positive side of the situation was that a man could connect with his family at a time when there was no means of communication possible. The negative side was my regret that i did not know of ham radio and the benefits of it earlier.

Personal Ethical Framework

A good ICT professional should hold high standards of ethics in his work life and should place public interest paramount. A good ICT professional must be committed to values and virtues such as honesty, professionalism, competence, and enhancing qualities of life of those affected by his work and also aim at professional development. He shall adhere to all ethical standards set the professional body which is meant for ICT professionals. All relevant legislations of the land should be followed and it shall not be deviated at any cost. The ICT professional shall hold himself on high moral grounds and shall stick on the same all along.

My employer’s need for information and communication needs are paramount, at the same time there should nothing illegal in any of the activities undertaken in this context. My employer’s nervous systems are created and maintained by us the ICT professionals and we strive to make it as perfect as possible to the best of our ability. We shall maintain high standards of work ethics and strive to make all our internal customers as happy as possible. All employees who use communication network and information services provided by us are our customers and they are the reason why we are engaged by our employers.

All colleagues are our internal customers and we maintain a very high standard of cordial relations with all of them despite the position they hold in the organization. I hold all my colleagues in high esteem and consider them as the reason for being in the organization. I communicate with colleagues with a sense of openness and positivity. All communication with colleagues is always considered sacrosanct and none is shied away from communication. As an endeavour in improving communication within the organization we at the ICT department encourage active communication among all in the organization. Work colleagues who could external customers from other organizations such as our vendors, contractors etc are also treated in the same fashion as our internal customers.

Work diversity has its benefits for people for all who work in a diversified workforce. People from different culture have different thinking patterns and engaging at problems and addressing those problems from various perspectives. Such diversity helps us in our ICT group which by itself is a highly diverse work group within our organization. This diversity deserves special mention especially in activities such as problem solving, creating complex logical solutions etc to name a few. The diverse workforce has helped us cross mountainous problems seem like child’s play. The diversity in our workgroup has helped us not only learn about the great cultures of the world and utilized their thinking in a very positive manner at a personal level and professional level too.

This course has prepared me for my professional journey into the world as an ICT professional who can bring in good changes required for an organization. It has helped me in changing the way I think about the corporate world at large. To become an accomplished ICT professional it has been of immense help in understanding the basic tenets of effective interpersonal communication. It has also helped a lot on understanding how and why I need to be an active and better listener. Although I used to read I never used to read for meaning, this is something that will help me in long way at both professional and personal level. All around the course has affected me into a being a better person with relation to communication.

While working in any organization one has to be a part of a team, it has been highlighted through this course on the importance of working as a team, not only as a team of ICT professionals but also the team comprising of a whole organization. It has made me realise that without a large organization the need for a good and reliable ICT infrastructure would not be required. Small organizations would need ICT infrastructure but at a smaller scale and with a smaller team. Whatever be the size of the team, a team that stays together wins together is a blatant result that has been accrued by me through the course.

The importance of communication and the how, why, when, where and what of communication has been taught to me in a great fashion in this course. The importance of both forms of communication, written and oral never struck me until I attended this course. This will go a long way in being a fulfilling ICT professional and can help me go places in this regard. For being a true ICT champion and professional I have solemnly learned from this course that communication in all possible forms is a true trademark of a hardcore ICT professional.

The importance of oral presentation is so relevant in the ICT business, a fact that has been revealed to me during this course. The need for oral presentations, the relevance of the same in career was so enlightening and would help in a great way in my career as an ICT professional. Oral presentation techniques are so important part of communication that it is misunderstood quite often. In a ICT professional’s life the need for an oral presentation might come at any point of time, at times it might have to be an extempore level. This course has helped me sharpen my extempore speaking and or presentation skills.

As a student the importance of ethics was hitherto unknown to me and all my classmates. The course made us look and understand in greater details the need for ethics in work life. We could study the codes of behaviour that is expected out of an ICT professional. We realised the need for privacy issues, the commitments towards society at large. We could also study and understand the needs for legal compliances that need to be followed by ICT professionals. The overwhelming part was that all of us were users


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