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Difference Between Logic and Critical Thinking

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7-Decision making

reaching decision when confronted with different choices of beliefs and actions that is to weigh the consequences of actions before initiating any decisions.

Logic and critical thinking are different , as logic is objective that it is based on the definition of the word used . many objective statements can be measured for instances concept such as love are true for everyone based on the definition of the word . While critical thinking is subjective that is it varies from individual to individual depending on one's beliefs and experiences in life . objective statement tend to be argued while subjectivity are not worth arguing since it affects only the person holding them . In addition critical thinking requires an individual to form judgments that is it to form an opinion and to evaluate the truth and falsity of a claim based on logic and comparison while logic involves attaching emotional value of good and bad to an idea that to be judgmental .


logic is a tool to think critically, as critical thinkers questions everything using their tools search out the truth . The tools used are logic, research and experience . Furthermore, it involves being familiar with logic and logical fallacies that is those false reasoning that is used for manipulation . As the whole point of critical thinking is to reach idealism this is where self awareness play major role that is to make sure that we are not forming arguments based on emotions or to show off or because we are tried or to because we cannot withstand the person we are arguing that its important not to lose the sight of our goals and we also need to be aware of our own paradigms that is the assumptions that we make about the world.


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