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Affirmative Action

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All in all, affirmative action is a terrible issue to be associated with; whether it is in the workplace, in college, or in life in general. Personally, being a sports fan I do not care what kind of players make up the team. As long as they are fully capable of playing and have the desire to win, that is all that matters. The same thing is said true when speaking about doctors or nurses. If I enter a hospital I do not care what race the personal is, or even what gender they are. To me, all that matters is the capability and education they have gained throughout the years. Unfortunately, affirmative action doesn’t hold true to all dreams of people. It is apparent in anything we do anymore; one of the first five questions on an application is for you to check which ethnicity you are and what gender you hold. It would be a very peaceful world if we had no worries regarding our race, religion, or gender. We have to also remember that, “As equality increases, so does the number of people struggling for predominance” (NCSL).


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