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The Goodman Company

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can occur which would need his presence. The supervisor believed in his workers performance because their shift brought about top-quality goods and always fixed issues that came about. But once the plan came the level of output and quality dropped. Everyone in the first shift are unresponsiveness to the change of producing their own individual goods rather than specialization is more comfortable for them. This is due to the fact that a single worker will have been paid according to hourly rate

The second shift have implemented the plan and there was still a decreased in output. However the supervisor accepted the new plan as he believed the new policy will allow him to make the workers follow the rules and regulations. Mr. Leonard have an autocratic leadership style which allow him to enjoy the new production process by allowing him to be on site in the production areas at all time. Autocratic is a leadership style which allow managers or supervisors complete control over organizations and demand error-free outcomes. According to Gill (2014), this style is the one of the least popular leadership styles as many employees disliked the one individual making all the strategic decisions for them and demanding them to execute their decisions. The expectations of goals must be cleared communicated in to all the workers of the company.

The workers don’t loved the idea of Jim Fask who partially produced most of the outputs is currently not in regular production. He knew all about the machinery and the production process and motivated the workers to do work rather than wasting time playing around. Jim Fask was rather a leader through informal authority and the trait theories. According to Robbins and Judge


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