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Case Study - Eros International

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List of tables

Table No.

Title of Table

Page No.

Table 2.1

Composition and category of Directors


Table 2.2

Attendance of each director at board meeting & at last AGM


Table 2.3

Number of other Boards or Board Committees in which he/she is a member or Chairperson


Table 2.4

Number of Board meetings held, dates on which held


Table 3.1

Audit committee


Table 4.1

Remuneration Policy


Table 4.2

Remuneration of directors


Table 5.1

Shareholder Committee Composition


Table 6.1

Number of meetings held and attended


Table 6.2

Last 3 AGMs , Date, Venue and resolutions passed, if any


Table 7.1



Table 7.2

Details of non-compliance


Table 7.3

Whistle blowing policy


Table 8.1

Means of communication


Table 8.2

General Shareholder Information


Table 9.1

Market Price Data


Table 9.2

Registrar and Transfer Agents


Table 9.3

Share Transfer System


Table 9.4

Distribution of shareholding


List of Chart

Chart No.

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Chart 9.1

Shares held in demat/physical form



Executive Summary

The study is based on Entertainment and Media Industry. Eros International is indulged in film and Cineline India is indulged in entertainment like theatres , malls and others.

The corporate governance of the both the companies is good they are following all the guidelines given by SEBI under clause 49.Both the companies are protecting the interest of all the stake holders by disclosing all the information in their annual report.

Information about all the committees like shareholder committee, remuneration committee, audit committee, investor grievance committee are disclosed in the annual report.

All the grievances of the investors are solved no queries are left unsolved. The remuneration paid to all the directors are lying within the ceiling provided under section 197. No directors are paid high as they are very much careful for their shareholders in both the companies. The remuneration package inclusion all details are disclosed in their annual report.

All the meetings held at the quarterly basis are been attended properly by the directors of both the companies and discussion takes place in every meeting about the improvement in the both company.

Timely news regarding the changes happened in the companies are also shared with the shareholders like change in the directorship or any other changes which takes place are been disclosed in their annual reports, also the consents of the shareholders are taken in both the companies by board of directors.

In both the companies all related party transactions are subjected to independent review by external chartered accountancy firm to confirm compliance with the requirements under the Companies Act, 2013 and Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015.

Eros international

In a business where ‘refreshing change’ is the only constant and viewer preferences are hard to predict, every day brings a new set of challenges. With finger always on the pulse of audiences, Eros view these as opportunities to grow and strengthen business model. It market leadership position, worldwide, multi-channel distribution network, valuable film library and marketing strategies position as an industry vanguard. Eros predicts what audiences want to watch, analyze ground realities and nurture industry relationships that help reinforce leadership in a dynamic landscape. At Eros, leadership means many things; building a vertically integrated business model, ownership of a vast unparalleled content library, and always being at the forefront of change. For instance, Trinity Pictures has been


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