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McDonalds Marketing Strategy

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f) Create your taste

Create Your Taste allows walk-in diners to use a touchscreen interface to customize their burger or chicken sandwich with premium ingredients. Unsurprisingly, however, that premium experience does not come cheap. A customized burger with a drink and fries will generally cost a few dollars more than its typical Value Meal counterpart. Such orders also typically take four to seven minutes to prepare -- practically an eternity in the quick-service restaurant world. The ideology they claim behind this is

"Built by you. Made by us. Worth the wait."

That test included not just the US restaurants but also a handful of locations in Australia and the response had been phenomenal.

Outcomes of few marketing strategies did not work in favour of McDonald’s such as below.

- Pay with lovin

During the month of Valentine’s day ,some customers at McDonald’s got the opportunity to pay for their food not with money but with “lovin’” — that is, by performing one of a variety of interpersonal acts including dancing, fist-bumping an employee, or calling their mothers. A crew member produced a heart-shaped pencil box stuffed with slips of paper, and customers were instructed to pick one. The numbers confirm that “pay with lovin” had little to no positive effect on the brand. Also, people posted messages like I ‘m loathing it or I am not loving it.

- Saudi Flags on Burger Bags

McDonald's unintentionally offended thousands of Muslims by printing a Quran scripture on its hamburger bag and it began with a World Cup promotion featuring the flags of the 24 nations competing in summer's soccer championship. One of the flags was that of Saudi Arabia.

The green and white Saudi flag bears an Arabic passage that can be translated as "There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his Prophet." Offended Muslims complained that such sacred words should not be crumpled up and thrown in the trash.The company admitted its mistake and blamed it on advice from an outside consulting agency.


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