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McDonalds Marketing Analysis

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Under menu, McDonald’s took the initiative to launch spicy burgers because Indians love spicy food. Besides that, they offer veggie burgers too especially in India because some Indians are vegetarians. They also eliminated beef items form their menu in India, as Indians don’t eat beef. Then, they have the Maharaja Mac in India, which has unique Indian flavors in it. Maharaja Mac is named that way because they are huge in size with two delicious patties covered in exotic Indian sauces, cheese slices, jalapenos, onions and lettuce. Other special menus are the vegetarian items that are only available in India like Mc Aloo (potato), Mc Paneer and Mc Puff.

Third and final country is Hong Kong. McDonald’s understood the Hong Kong market perfectly before operating there. The design of the website and homepage is very simple with one color template. They had very few colorful ads with few words. The pictures in the ads contained more than one food item in each indicating collectivism. As for the promotions, they were colorful, attractive and lively just like how people in Hong Kong prefer. The promotions featured more than one person in every ad showing collectivism. Also, the ads are not overcrowded by words, they are easy to understand as people in Hong Kong are always busy and this simplicity will save their time and attract them to look at it. Happy Meal toys followed the current trend in Hong Kong too. They have clubs for children and mothers known as “Fun Club” and “Mother’s club” for celebrating various events like birthday parties, Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrations. Hong Kong’s McDonald’s also provides wedding party packages, graduation, farewell and welcome parties in their outlets.

For the menu, they do offer seasonal items like the harvest series. One special meal that I spotted in Hong Kong’s menu is the bagel series offered in no other places. For this series, they replaced the sesame breads with bagels. Another special item was in the drinks category which is the purple rice soy.

In conclusion, I think McDonald’s is very successful because they know their market very well by analyzing the geographical and cultural factors before penetrating a market. They adapt to a market very easily and provide the food that the people wants. Their advertisements and promotions also speak the same. Their operating and marketing strategies are very regional but they also scream McDonald’s at the same time. Hence, McDonald’s is doing a great job in all the countries they are operating and their adaptation strategy is something other companies can look after.


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