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Deontology, Teleology and Virtue Based Ethics

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Virtue based ethics emphasizes on the individual characters based on ethical thinking. Every person needs to have some of the characters like courage, patience, beneficence and an honesty to be a virtuous person. It is very broad sense that how to achieve the virtue? The advantage of virtues based ethics is that it does not focus on the action of right or wrong in the society; however, it only teaches us to be a good person in our community. It motivates us to work on morality so that we can achieve our goals. It mainly focuses on the development of the individual and making our society a better place to live. This theory is flexible because we can choose our own ethical decision to be a better person and every person is differ from each other; however, we need to follow the rules of the nation. And, there is no single criteria to be a good person and we can choose a different path based on who you are. The disadvantage of virtue based ethics is that there is no exact answer to what the virtues refer because it change with the change in the time. It is very hard to tell the motive and the objectives of other people, which is the disadvantage of this theory. Also, it does not care about what is right or wrong, but, only discuss about the character needed to be a virtue person. Finally, there is no clear system for making the ethical choice in virtue based ethics.


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