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Managing a Technology-Based Business Case

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Summed up to these problems, Eli Sounders, senior Vice President of Stone Finch who was always supportive to Billings decisions was worried about the recent results of the company and was asking to changes in Billings actions.

Management of the contradictions and tensions between the manufacturing and service division’s needs immediate attention, because key people from both of divisions are already quitting the company and the company is losing relationships with clients and sales. To continue toward the goal of furthered innovation he must find ways to convey the importance of every member in all divisions and the role they play in the organizations’ success.

One way to make the manufacturing division understand their importance are regular meetings with key employees to explain and show the importance of their work to company’s success. Billings can bring the key people from this division together when they choose which subsidiary will be financed. In addition, Billings can make an investment plan with a budget to invest not only in the subsidiary, but also in the manufacturing division. This division needs money to keep being leader in the market.

To solve the motivation problem, about employees feeling treated different from subsidiaries, Billing should find out what motivates employees. He can make a reward plan based in deliveries for those who are not in the subsidiary. In addition, the Jam Sessions were a good practice, so he can make them regular and listen what employees had to say. Thereby, they would feel part of the company and with their voice heard.

In conclusion, Billings has a lot of work to be done to continue the growth and manage the tensions and contradictions at Stone Finch. He must keep his energetic innovative style, but extend to all divisions and employees. With the recommendations to retain the employees and making them understand their important role to the company, ensuring all the members and employees share the same focus and goals for the future, he would make the company continuing growth and regain Eli Sounder’s support within the organization.


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