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Hollywood and Entertainment

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In summary, the "pulp fiction" with the actual situation of violence and violence to fully mobilize the audience to see the initiative, with the realism, documentary to the value of violence to the audience (Hayes, 2008). This is the increasing diversity of postmodern society created by the violent aesthetics. And "Inglourious Basterds" by strengthening the violent scene of the spectacle, ritualization, romance and drama greatly enhanced the violence in the film scale and violence can be seen, to meet the Hollywood "commercial aesthetics", but caused the "violence aesthetics "Behind the spiritual concept of the plight. Third, the star symbol Quentin Tarantino film did not inherit the 80's independent film to the star of the characteristics, but his film is always trying to restore the star into an actor, serving the film itself (Zhuang, 2006). "Clown novel" cast list is a typical "bottleneck actor + character actor + new" and "Katzenberg" card division (Murphy, 2001), this situation for the film to bring triple effect: First, to minimize the paycheck, down budget; the second is by virtue of the bottleneck actor's past appeal and the accumulation of the film based on the copyright sale of the film manufacturing favorable conditions to provide high degree of concern and box office guarantee (Hayes, 2008); third, Quentin clever use of star system to create the established image "Pulp fiction" created a corresponding effect of the type of film. The indirect effect is a concept from Brecht's theory of drama, aimed at breaking the true illusion of the stage, so that the audience out of the passive acceptance of the state, in turn to the stage performance of rational thinking and judgments (Joshi, 2010). In the Quentin context, the "hero" Bruce Willis incarnation boxer, cursive money absconded, song and dance star Travolta is turned black society brother was the boss's wife forced to jump a timid dance use of the image of the star on the subversion (Lewis, 2003), breaking the type of film illusion, in the full flexibility of the use of gangs, violence, drugs, sex and other types of elements to attract the attention of the audience at the same time, but also in the audience into the type of track (Joshi, 2010). The modern stage language --- here is the disordered star symbol --- replace the type of language, so that the audience out of a context into another context, resulting in a clear psychological gap between the gap between the audience fully appreciate Quentin film aesthetic originality and postmodern film charm. "Inglourious Basterds" star composition is very different, relatively conservative opening of Brad Pitt and Diane Kruger. Brad Pitt as a member of the Hollywood 20 million club, with unrivaled star appeal, middle-aged transformation with "ten X-Lohan" series and other films to establish a ruffian hero image, and Diane Kruger is In recent years, the German film to Hollywood to develop the most sailing one of the actress, through the "Troy", "National Treasure" series to create a beautiful and elegant image of the female image, and is still in the cause of the rise (Lewis, 2003).

Objectively speaking, the two in the "Inglourious Basterds" in the role of the basic adhering to their established image, the election may be considered more of the star body box office contribution rate, so the highlight of the star charm has become a film publicity Activities focus. To the "Inglourious Basterds" of the main poster design, for example, Brad Pitt whole body occupies the forefront of the forefront of the prospects (Joshi, 2010); Brad and Diane upper body is basically in the picture which occupies an absolute strength in the area. Although Diane Kruger's role in the film and the role of the needle from the role of Melanie Roland's role is less important, in the film propaganda but occupy the high after the Brad Pitt's high exposure. The concept of value in the "pulp fiction" stage, as some commentators said, Quentin depends on the source is political is not correct. In addition to the above mentioned in the narrative strategy in the clever throughout the fate and impermanence of thinking, the film also contains a similar to the "Pirates of the Road," the ideological spirit, the line of sight to the gangster and social bottom (Kennedy, 2012), to show their behavioral logic and Quentin's true face in the mainstream society to clarify the previous Hollywood film for its shape of the cold, degenerate, despicable type of face, the friendship, chivalrous, respect, faith and other points (Zhuang, 2006). In this sense, Quintin in the era of "pulp fiction", his story and his values ​​are still integrated, the story is still one of the carrier to explain their views. Quentin Tarantino began to learn about a mainstream story: vividly demonstrated the brutal persecution of the Nazis against the Jews during World War II, and the hardships of the people of the Allies in the course of their struggle Effort and heroic sacrifice. This is the common course of World War II film. However, when the audience relish the director with genius imagination to tamper with the history of Hitler killed in the cinema, Quentin did not seriously want to take this to start a reflection of war and human nature, but to borrow this story framework is useless The polar show of frenzied violent fragments, to storm the storm of the simple logic to perseverate the audience's peace and enthusiasm, under the guise of history to meet the demands of mainstream society (Kennedy, 2012).


In sum, Quentin teaches history with an urchin's attitude, and it is this attitude that constitutes the rebellious concept of its load. At this point, the story and the idea is stripped of each other, but regardless of the mainstream audience or black Cult film partial door fans, all levels of the audience can be excavated in this film to meet the meaning of their own values (Lewis, 2003). From the "pulp fiction" to "Inglourious Basterds" Quentin Tarantino from beginning to end are called an independent film. Its early creation, both in content and form are adhering to the independent film praised the creative spirit, while the flexibility to use the Hollywood culture industry type plate symbol for their own profits; to the recent, according to the commercial film operating rules in the "independent" The balance of the two dimensions of this proposition has made a strategic adjustment to weaken the film's pioneering and sharp, subject to the mainstream value of the story, but with a cynical attitude to its simplicity, The use of Hollywood mainstream


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