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Kylie Cosmetics Case Study

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Detailed Description:

Similar to a Kylie pop-up event. Have a helicopter drop thousands of little Kylie Cosmetics postcards over a highly populated area around Long Beach with her newest collection of makeup (Kylie modeling it) then a bunch of Kylie look-alikes walking around that area handing out coupons or samples.



-Actual postcards

-Printing/paper costs


-Licensed helicopter flyer

-Makeup artists for the models



-Backstage area for the models before they come out


-Background drop for fans to snap pictures

-Hashtags to promote Kylie Cosmetics and her new collection

Indented Audience:

The intended audience for this stunt is any beauty lover/ follower. The is no set gender or age demographic for this stunt. If you like makeup or Kylie Cosmetics, this event is for you!

Message Conveyed:

Choose Kylie Cosmetics the next time you choose to purchase makeup. Think Kylie Cosmetics, remember Kylie Cosmetics. This is an exposure stunt, we want everyone to know what Kylie Cosmetics is and what we stand for as a company.

Media Coverage:

With this stunt, we are hoping to get a lot of exposure about Kylie Cosmetics and if it goes well we plan to do similar things in more populated areas nationwide. Kylie Cosmetics relies strictly on a strong social media presence to promote her brand. Therefore, that is exactly what we will be relying on for media coverage. We will be relying on paparazzi to be on top of the event in addition to fans posting pictures, using hashtags, and really just promoting the brand. With the history of the company I feel like this will go in our favor and we will have plenty of media coverage and the stunt will be a success.

Types of Media:

As stated previously, we are relying really strictly on social media, the paparazzi, and fans to hype up this event,

-Photo backdrop to promote pictures being taken

-Hashtags to be used on all platforms

-The paparazzi taking all kinds of pictures

-Kylie’s PR team will also be there to keep everything on track and to record the full stunt to see what was and was not executed perfectly to correct it for the next time

Liabilities/ Risks:

-A postcard hitting someone in the face and hurting them

-A postcard hitting the windshield of a car causing the view to be obstructed

Why I Believe This Is Good:

I believe that this is a really smart stunt because it is just getting Kylie Cosmetics name out there to thousands of people at a time. From the postcards to the look-alikes people are going to be excited and never forget about the stunt that happened and hopefully never forget what Kylie Cosmetics is and what it stands for. As stated previously, Kylie Cosmetics already has a large social media presence and relies heavily on it, and this stunt will only boost it in my opinion.  


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