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Online Classified Industry in Mobile

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- Chat functionality in the app should provide a translate facility:

As the platform would now be open to users speaking multiple languages, the chat feature of the app must be enhanced with translation capability. This is important to help users exchange information on the deals without getting restricted of the language barriers.

- Complaint and service requests by the users should be supported in newer languages:

User should also be able to lodge complaints, scroll through help options and raise service requests in the new set of languages. Additionally, the customer care should be able to address any concerns raised in native languages.

Success Metrics for Indic and User Acquisition

User Growth

Customer service improvement

Indic usage

MAUs/DAUs of the app

App store ratings of the new app

# of Sale made via Indic

ARPU pre/post Indic launch

Bounce rate for Indic Languages

# Ads on platform in new languages

Language based MAUs/DAUs

Avg. # clicks taken to post an Ad

DAUs/MAUs of new languages

Monthly User Churn rate

Avg. # clicks taken for a sale

DAUs of chat translation service

Total User base

# of calls to customer care post Indic

# voice queries vs # text queries

Part B - Revisiting Monetization Strategy.

Proposed Solution

As discussed in the second solution proposed in part A, could introduce 15-30 secs long video classifieds on its platform. The intent of introducing the feature is twofold. Firstly, to increase engagement on from users on the platform. Secondly, making the user familiar with video content on the platform. The former metric would drive repeat transactions on the website. The later metric could be capitalized to show video ads on the platform.

Enhancement Proposal

Few enhancements that would be required for the feature to be enabled:

- Upload section: This page should accept video classifieds. Video duration should be between 15-30 secs, it should be horizontal, aspect ratio must be 16:9 and video formats should strictly be mp4 and 3gp. User must be able to view a preview of the classified upon upload of video.

- Video Playback in card construct: Video playback should be enabled for both native and mobile web formats. The playback must move to full screen if prompted so. Upon completion user should have an option to replay the ad or close the ad.

- Support for Ad Tracking: The player should allow support for third party ad trackers. This is a necessary condition for monetization of the feature.

Marketing Plan

The feature once ready would be marketed under the campaign titled “Baar Baar Dekho!”. The intent is to tap into the trendiness of the millennial user while not getting too far from the sentiments of the older user base. Campaign is to be run both digitally and on television highlighting the convenience and effectiveness of video classifieds. Feature would be selectively activated for users in trial mode.

Revenue Streams for Feature

Video classifieds feature could be monetized in the following ways:

- Offering the service to premium users for a small fee:

As video classifieds would take up a lot of user data, the service could be rolled out in phase to different user segments. In Phase 1, the feature would only be activated for home rentals and car sale classified users only. Posting the video ad would be free of cost. User would be asked to pay after 3 days to pay for posting video content for a one-week premium slot. Pricing details have been discussed in detail in the next section.

- Monetization of video slots using various 3rd party video ads:

Once users are familiar working with video content on the platform, we would be able to enable video ads. We could run 15-30 second non-intrusive instream video ads and charge as per global visibility standards. Advertisers can be charged using global digital advertising pricing models such as CPI, CPC, CPV, etc.

- Direct ad sales from advertisers via subscription

Advertisers could also be allowed to directly target users on the platform. They should be able to upload and targets ads to specific customers. They could be charged a small fee for this service.

Revenue Calculation & Underlying Assumptions

Video subscription services

Number of total listings


Listings growth rate


Video subscription users percentage out of total listings


Number of users


3rd Party Video Ads

Site Floor Initial

1.8-2 USD or 120 INR

Site floor Quarterly Growth Rate


Ad Exposure Rate


Figure 1 Assumptions Made

[pic 5][pic 6]

Success Metrics for Video Classifieds

User Growth


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