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A Silent Twins' Shocking Pact: Only One Can Survive

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Articulo sobre las gemelas gibbons



A difficult socialization

The Gibbsons sisters were born in Barbados on April 11, 1963. The family then moved to Haverfordwest (Wales) but since there were not many foreigners there, they felt out of place. They were the only black people in the community, which contributed to the isolation of the twins. It was at that moment when they began to develop their own secret language, one that no one but their relatives could decipher/understand.

According to the book's journalist, when the twins started going to school they met with bullying. That immersed them even more in their own world. As they perfected their language, they created an idioglossia, an invented language that is spoken by only one or few people. It was then when they fully stopped communicating with their parents. Their relatives, in their struggle to end this voluntary isolation, separated the teenagers, who at that time were 14 years old. They wanted them to attend to different schools and different therapists, but all these attempts failed.

Mysterious phrases

It was then when strange phrases started to appear in the twins’ diaries. One of them, written by June, the twin that was born 10 minutes before her sisters, says: "No one is capable of suffering like me... my sister is like a black shadow that is stealing the sunlight from me. She wants us to be equal, but there is a murderous gleam in her eyes. God, I am afraid of her. But it is me."

In another piece, but from Jennifer's diary, who instead felt adoration for her older sister, you can clearly see how the relationship transformed into contempt and terror as she felt her sister might kill her: "We have become enemies... We can feel the irritating deadly rays that come out of our body and the sting of each other's skin. I ask myself if I can get rid of my own shadow. But, without my shadow, would I die? Would I be free if they let me die?

Dark novels and crime

After some time, the sisters began writing controversial novels that dealt with sex, drugs and violence; which were then self-published. One of them, written by June, is about a teenager who was lured by his teacher and ended up in a juvie, where he faced harassment from a homosexual guard. Meanwhile, a story written by Jennifer, takes place in an atmosphere of "insane violence" in a nightclub. In another story, a doctor kills a dog to get its heart and perform a heart transplant to his son.

However, according to Wallace, they did not limit themselves to gruesome stories, they also began drawing public attention through crime stories. They caused damage to private properties,


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