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What Is Social Welfare

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Like I was saying earlier about social security mostly only senior citizens can qualify for it but unless you were born with a terminal illness and it is stopping a person from working such as cancer. I think it is wonderful that the government helps low income citizens because not everybody can afford the better things in life and people do struggle. But at the same time people do advantage of these programs which is not good at all because the government is already in debit so if they see more and more people just taking advantage and not even trying that they might end up cutting these programs.

Which will hurt the ones that truly do need these programs to get buy. I think the most beneficial program out there is Philadelphia housing or Section 8. The reason I say that is because they work with you. For example say you end up losing your job or not working at the time they will pay the whole rent for you. When you manage to get back on your feet then they see how much you make and pay the difference. With section 8 housing you can move from state to state which is pretty cool because if you ever wanted to live in California or Florida you just have to know the rules of their section 8 program.

So people should never be ashamed of being on social welfare because everybody needs help every now and then and some might need to stay on programs longer than others. That is why I do not understand why children make fun of other children for being on it.

There is a good advantage of being on welfare and that is if a person wants to pursue a career they can because there is no timeline of how long a person is allowed on social welfare unless it is unemployment.

While putting together this paper I learned that having these programs are a wonderful thing and that they should be put to go used. Also I go to know more information about the SRS program because before this paper I did not know really want that program was. I was used to the more popular ones like social security and food stamps. What I hope people can take away from this paper is that knowing what social welfare is and how it really helps low income citizens in need and if you are in need do not be scared to apply. Also to thank President Franklin D. Roosevelt for putting in the social security act in 1935 due to the great depression. Because of President Franklin we have social welfare, just think if he was not the president at that time would we even have social welfare.

Would any other president had come up with the idea during that time? I guess we will never know and I happy that we as a nation do not have to find out either, because low income people might have been doom if someone else was president at that time.

I hope people find this paper very knowledgeable and gave them more insight.

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