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Sw 670 Social Welfare Policy and Service Delivery Systems

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For a long time, the profession of social work involved in ensuring the welfare of the children. In cases of child abuse and neglect, the social worker employed in supporting children and their families. They also have an adequate understanding of the dynamics of child abuse, including nature and context. Given the reality that they can identify where child abuse is taking place or has the potential for happening, it is best suited as the facilitators of child welfare policy geared towards addressing child abuse and neglect. For the policy to be effective, the social workers should involve at every stage of the policy cycle (Jenson & Fraser, 2015). In essence, their involvement in the design, development, and implementation of the policy will ensure that they adequately understand the program and can use it to better the welfare of the children.


Social welfare policy plays a significant role in society, addressing the needs of the most vulnerable based on the various risk factors, including poverty, culture, and race among others. However, due to the challenges facing the development and implementation of the policies, it is necessary to change the paradigm of developing the policies such that they no longer influenced by the policies of the day. For instance, using the social workers as developers and not merely the executors of the policies to address child abuse will ensure that they are effective. Furthermore, the general welfare of the children will be adequately protected and promoted by the professionals who have sufficient understanding of what the process entails.


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