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Perception of Rape Culture

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When a woman trusts somebody and decides to send them an intimate picture and the person shares the picture with others, that is a violation of privacy and a form of rape. Most would say, “She should not have sent it” but that is not an approiate response. Her trust was violated and so was her privacy.

Women are dehumanized when they are called out of their name. She is seen as less than and worthy of being raped. The music industry is forever dehumanizing women. There are several songs that call women “bitches”, “sluts” or even “whores” and most just brush it off saying it is just a song. When this kind of language is used, it teaches women that their bodies are objects and are supposed to be consumed.

In conclusion, these are just a few contributing factors to rapes and sexual violence on women. Women are victims in these situations but are somehow supposed to prevent these situations from happening. It is mind boggling to think that I have to prevent myself from getting raped and that men are not held to a higher standard of not being so aggressive when they see a woman that they may have interest in. Women have to make sure they are dressed appropriately, are not too drunk when they go out with friends and make sure they carry themselves in a respectable manner so that they won’t be a target for sexual assault. Women live in fear of being raped during their everyday life.


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