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Distracted Driving Research Paper

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Part II: Reflective Essay

Research papers are not something simple and easy to do write. It takes an author quite a bit of work, specifically research in order to successfully write a good research paper. Although it may seem difficult, once a writer conducts research, crafts a thesis, and has speaking points then he/she can write a good paper.

Initially, the writer must begin by picking or drafting a topic of their liking. If a writer doesn’t like their topic, then they won’t be passionate enough to write a convincing argument about it. In my case, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to draft my own topic, which was to investigate the dangers and consequences of using a cellular device while driving a motorized vehicle. From there I was taught research skills through this class that ultimately helped me find trusted and valued sources. I was taught how to use resources like the OU Library database, JSTOR, and other sources. I learned how to make specific searches; searches related to my topic and was able to record and cite those sources. While doing my research my topic and some parts of my thesis started to form in my head. I knew that I wanted to explore the dangers of distracted driving and I went on to conduct further research in that area.

Once I was able to identify some of my sources, I had to explore those sources further to utilize them. I didn’t want to be an author who picks and chooses certain words and phrases or even take the information I found out of context. I had to be careful not to do that since I was dealing with numbers, I could present them in various ways. I had to sift through quite a bit of sources to find what I was looking for. I did have some trouble with an interview I had with a close friend. I know that we weren’t supposed to use our friends or family as resources but I believe that he truly is an expert in this area. I had an internal conflict on whether to use him as a source or not, but I ended up doing so and I hope that his story makes the right impact on the readers.

Putting all the sources together was actually quite difficult. I had accumulated an array or sources from various places and they didn’t exactly fit together perfectly but they did fit under the topic. I had to take a closer look at each source to find commonalities and use those commonalities to my advantage. I tried to correctly balance out the sources throughout my paper so that it wouldn’t be too overwhelming for the reader. If I had a chance to change my research I would probably add more sources and explain those sources more clearly.

In conclusion, by conducting research and writing this paper I have learned the importance of knowing how to properly conduct research and find sources. In the previous years of my education, no one had taught me the proper research skills that I had learned through this class and I am truly grateful for that. I learned that I am a slower researcher than most but that doesn’t make me a bad one. I still have a long way to go to become an even better researcher and writer.


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