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Cartoon Review

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Apart from all the negative effects of free trade and economic globalization there is the positive effects. One of it are economic globalization is needed to provide the broad needs of foreign market that will bring fortune to the country. Domestic market as it is will not help a country economy to bloom, hence the help of free trade and economy globalization is needed to create a borderless market that brings more money and profits. That was it, except from having large target market free trade bring no benefit but harm, especially to the weakling countries such as the third world country that wouldn’t even stand a chance if the big country like US decided to confront them. Currently United State Of America is no longer world’s only big power, lot of other country have also built up and were said to be on the same level with America now. The cartoon below tells us about it.

[pic 4]

If in the late 90’s China and India were considered as the left out and under privilege country, now it is no longer that way. Both nation now can stand on their own feet and can even snatch the opportunity that you are having. As in the picture above the American urge their children to not waste on food because people in other country are starving, but now their concern have changed to urging their children to do their homework or else people from other country might block their opportunity, thanks to globalization that help people from the world edges to be ready enough to compete in the international arena.

America would find any possible ways to strengthen its power, this includes coercive ways. The picture below show how America tries to oppress other country using propagandas.

[pic 5]

America try to blackmail other country to follow its path as they suggest their ways are the best and can make the world a better place, something you could relate to the ‘white men burden’. The real reason they promote free trade, human right and other stuff is actually to brainwash the country citizen and get into the government that America feels threaten of. For example, America since the old ages have tried to change China’s communist economic system to capitalist so that America can freely roam into China’s market, but up till now America had failed to do so. America also tells the whole world that communism is bad because it restricts human right and stuff, but Chinese citizen had been living the communism system for ages but still satisfied and truly happy with it. America feels threaten by the China’s radical growth both on economic and power in the international arena. The cartoon shows how the men was blackmailing the huge dragon in shivering body with human right, trades and others. The man represents America and the dragon represented China.


Economic Globalization and free trade is undeniably do help in growing and broading a country economy but still some sort of supervision panel must be form so that the country that involved with it are bound to any specific laws. If not they can do whatever they want to do such as making biased policy and any other things.


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