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Academic Argument - Food & Wine

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Whatever level a person is at when delving into the worlds of food and drink, Food & Wine magazine is an excellent partner for the journey. The recipes are written so the layman may understand and the wine reviews provide enough context so that the technical jargon contained within is easily discernible. Restaurant and chef reviews are all favorable to the subject, leading one to think they might be paid advertisements instead of unbiased judgments. Of course, the editors may choose to include only the positive reviews in the final publication and leave the negative ones on the cutting room floor. The magazine is published by American Express, so certain business ties may play a part in some of the content (the “Ol' Boy Network”). Looking past the cynical side of things, every month will provide a new and interesting topic for the novice cook and the experienced foodie alike. The November issue, for instance, has a feature on “mothers.” A “mother” is an everlasting source of fermented wild yeast with which one can make most any bread-type good from sour dough loaves to pancakes and muffins. Many bakeries across the country, most notably in San Francisco, rely so heavily on their “mothers” that some are actually patented and guarded as proprietary secrets. This is just one example of the type of knowledge reading Food & Wine can provide.

Informative articles, restaurant and chef reviews, easy to follow recipes and outstanding suggestions for wine and beer pairings all combine to make Food & Wine a wonderful partner for anyone on the road to further gastronomical knowledge or amateur wine snobbery. Delectable food photography and suggested drink pairings enable to reader to fully imagine the outcome of preparing a dish and washing it down with the perfect elixir, enough to impress both friends and bosses alike. For all of its wonderful attributes, Food & Wine magazine is recommended for all.


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