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Fresh Food Supermarkets

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Making profit is not that easy. The manager must define the company’s image and

communicate it through television, newspaper, Internet, radio, and Hispanic organizations. The company has to adapt itself to its new state. Indeed, Arizona is a sunny state and Vivian could build a terrace with chairs and table and the clients could enjoy their fresh food outside. At the beginning of her business, she could invite the farmers that they are working with her and in this way, the customers could see the suppliers and have a direct approach of them and also discover the original products. Plus, the manager could distribute coupons for discounts the first month of the company’s inauguration. Vivian thought about offering a free delivery service for senior and in fact, it will have success because there are a lot of retired residents in Phoenix. In doing this service, Vivian will create a good image and opinion about her company and she can develop a corporate social responsibility strategy.

Fresh Food Supermarkets decided to expand its stores in the West Coast because they already have success in the East Coast so they want to try if business can be successful too. By expanding its activities, the firm will increase its number of customers, and consequently its production and reduction of costs. Then, it will be more competitive and the company will increase its profits. By hiring Hispanic people, the image of the firm will be enhance. Every year, Hispanics population increase and it is a good opportunity to recruit them for workforce. The largest Latin people live in the West Coast and if the company works, it will grow more and more. California is also a good choice to implement the company because there are a lot of Hispanics and it permits to improve the firm’s position in the United States. Moreover, California is one of the big cities where economies are important in the world. Californian people are interested by healthy food, so Fresh Food Supermarkets can largely succeed there.

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