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Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal

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In Tennessee, the average sentence for armed robbery is not more than 9 years. Which means if someone in Tennessee, is convicted of armed robbery they could be parole in least then 3 years. All this would change under the new law. It would mean that the same sentence were a person committing this crime would have to serve more than 6 years before being eligible for parole. In order for this bill to be effective nonviolent crimes such as shoplifting, felony theft of services, forgery under $1,000 dollars, criminal’s simulation, passing forged checks and burning of personal property. The only set back of this bill could mean that there would be more trials. This bill will cause overcrowding of the prison population. This would mean building more prison then we can afford.

Judges and laws agree that stiffer penalties for armed robbery suspects. But they fear that with stiffer penalties and the overcrowding of prisons that there may be more prison fight. They also fear that by giving some crimes easier penalties that these crimes will increase.


I am hoping that I have brought a good understanding of armed robbery. I also hope that I brought understanding of why this bill would and would not be a good bill. I tried to list the pros and cons of this bill. The State of Tennessee, gave me a lot of good information on this will about overcrowding and the releasing of nonviolent crimes. Armed robbery needs to be punishable with stiffer laws.



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