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Analysis of School Canteen Nurients

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C. Suggested modification of the dishes

i. Nutrient needs of HKCC students

The students in HKCC are low activity; their energy need for every meal should be just fit to prevent overweight. That should not more than 800 Kcal for men and 633 Kcal for women. (Centre of Food Safety, 2007) Most of students are 18 to 20 year olds, during the late period of growth; some nutrients such as protein and calcium are needed for their body development. To maintain health, dietary fiber and wide range of vitamin and minerals are needed.

ii. Modification of the dishes

For dish (1), instead of flat noodle, rice noodles should be used to lower the fat. The amount of noodles and beef should decrease to two-third to low the calories of dish. To lower the seasoning, raw beef instead of marinated beef and less soy sauce should be used. No more table salt, soy sauce is enough for seasoning.

For dish (2), smaller size of egg or only egg white should be used to lower the cholesterol. The amount of shrimp should be reduced to one-third to lower protein intake. This dish is not suitable to add vegetable to cook, so half of bowl of boiled leafy vegetable should be serviced aside the dish to boost the dietary intake.

For (3), rice instead of fried rice should be used and reduce the amount of rice and pork to two-third to lower the calories intake. Double the amount of raw tomato to enhance to fibers intake. No stock and no tomato sauce and raw pork instead of marinated pork should be used to reduce the sodium intake.

D. Recommendation on the Hygienic condition of the canteen

For the tableware, staff should totally replace them by the clean tableware to prevent cross contamination between clean and old tableware. For the tray, it should be washed thoroughly before the staff put it back to original place and their collection should be kept away from the rubbish bin. For the tongs, every packets of food should have their own tongs to prevent cross-contamination between foods. For personal hygiene, they must wear mask and gloves and take them in a right way.

E. ConclusionThe canteen provide high calories dish and over the needs of students. The micronutrient, however, such as calcium and fiber is always insufficient. The Modification of the dish mainly focuses on the reduction of calories and addition of fibers. The hygiene condition of canteen is not so good, the prevention of cross-contamination of the tools and human should enhance.


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