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Interaction Between Law Enforcement and the Community

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The interaction between Law enforcement and the community is a very key aspect of effective policing and this is a relationship that can initiate the fixing of Justice system. To achieve this goal there are few areas that needs to be vetted and ethics and integrity amongst Law enforcement organization plays an important role in this solution. Leader should ensure that their officers are constantly educated and asses on procedural justice, bias reduction, and racial reconciliation as these are some major issues creating a barrier between law enforcement and the community. A positive and effective relationship between citizens and the police can be achieved by integrating these three key concepts into law enforcement organizations. Developing a workable relationship between the police and the community has a lot to do with the developing a relationship of solving problems which helps officers to ensure they are morally right decisions.

Law enforcement leaders should also initiate appropriate community policing that involves meetings, seminar and even social events that encourages the relationship amongst the citizens and the police and build stronger relationships by having the community involved in law enforcement agencies. Some additional strategies that that law enforcement organizations can implement to ensure that officers are constantly following the appropriate guidelines and not abusing their power for personal gain is the early intervention Early Identification and Intervention Systems which reduces the number of incidents involving officer and the use of Internal Affairs Division operations, and use of force. The use of these tool can assist to improve law enforcement accountability and also improving the level of interaction between law enforcement and the community.


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