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Alexander Hamilton's Legacy

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to the economic collapse of much of Eastern Europe and the Third World. He thinks that the leaders of new democracies could learn from Hamilton and his mentor Washington that just holding elections and establishing free markets is not enough for a struggling new democratic government. Lind argues that although Hamilton was a great contribution to the history of the United States, Hamilton was most likely not fully devoted to the United States because he had no ties to any particular region. Lind believes that although Hamilton died in a challenge with Aaron Burr, even after his death Hamilton’s ideas could not be extinguished so easily. With the creation of The Federalist Papers, Lind argues that Hamilton seldom mentioned even though he contributed to the essays more than James Madison and John Jay.

In my opinion, I would have to agree with Michael Lind that Hamilton is an intelligent individual whose thinking would help us solve many of our problems today. Hamilton’s three reports were genius in getting the United States out of its debt. It would be nice if we could use them today to get out the $18 trillion debt, but the debt is way higher than it was when Hamilton implemented the reports. I think that for Hamilton to have had such a huge impact on the flow of the history of the United States is awe-inspiring, he was not born in the United States but he still managed to gain such power. I would have to claim that if Hamilton was born in the United States, he would have been more devoted and therefore contributed more than he already has. I have to argue the same as Lind that the leaders of today’s democracies take a few pointers from Hamilton and Washington because the two are bright men who drastically changed the United States.


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