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What Is the Role of Leaves in Transpiration

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AIM: what is the role of leaves in transpiration.

Hypothesis: i predict that during the experiment, the rate of transpiration in the celery with leaves and with vaseline will be faster than the plant without leaves . this results will occur because if the plant doesnt have leaves, it means it dosent have stomata and this is the responsable for transpiration. Since the plant dosent have it, transpiration can’t take place. While the plant with leaves covered with vaseline wont do the process as eficient as the one without vaseline because the stomata may be obstroctuted by the product, which will cause a slower transpiration.


* Celery

* Vaseline

* Beaker

* Scalpel

* Food coloring

* Ruler

* Cotton swab



1. First remove 1cm of the bottom of the celery.

2. Take off the leaves of one of the stalks.

3. apply vaseline to the leaves of another stalk

4. place the three stalks into a beaker with 200ml of wáter and food coloring.

5. Observe the celery at the end of the class and the next day. Reord observations each day.



Celery with leaves

Celery without leaves

Celery with vaseline

Day 1

Is Green and healthy , vibrant and very leafy.

Is looking good, eventhough it’s pale green

It’s healthy and good loking. Has a normal color.

End of day 1

Has some red dots on the side of the leaves. The bottom looks red.

Has some red color in were the leaves were cutted.

Has very few red stains on the leaves.

Day 2

The outline of the leaves are red and towards the center has a few stains.

The celery is healthy and still vibrant.

The nodes are completly red. The stem is a mix between


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