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A Lame Halloween Paper

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us from across the street!”

“What? Who?” My mom came downstairs to investigate. She opened the blinds and looked outside. Without saying a word, she opened the front door, stepped outside into the dark, looked around, and came back inside.

“There’s nobody outside. You’re all just paranoid from watching that movie”

“But Mom! All of us saw it,” I said. “Somebody’s out there!”

“Nobody is outside, okay? Just go back in the living room and watch the movie.”

We sat as close together as we could, we were practically on top of each other. We sat in silence wondering who was outside as I resumed the movie.

“Riiing, riiing!”

“Who could be calling this late?” I picked up the phone and put in on speaker.

“Hello?” Nobody answered. “Hellooo?” Still nothing. I hung up the phone.

“Well that was weird, that same kind of thing happened in the movie” said Ashley worriedly. I sat down and put my focus back on the movie.

“Riiing, riiing, riiing!” I picked up the phone again. The sound of heavy, wheezy breathing came through the phone. “Who are you? This isn’t funny,” I said angrily. They hung up.

“Ugh, prank callers are so annoying,” said Ashley. “Ugh, I know,” I replied as I rolled my eyes. Once again, we continued to watch our movie. At this point, somebody just knocked on the front door of the main character’s house. “Don’t answer it!” we all yelled to the girl, who obviously couldn’t hear us. Of course, like in all horror movies, the girl opened the door. The figure she saw outside earlier appeared in front of her and darted into her house, chasing the girl as she tried to run away.

Just then, there was a knock at our door. Our eyes filled with fear as we looked over to the door. We were statues, nobody moved a muscle. I stood up and motioned my friends to stand too. We started to approach the door. We took a step, then paused.

Two steps.. we were getting closer.

Three steps.. there was no turning back now.

Four steps.. five steps.. six steps.. seven. The door was right in front of our faces. I reached to put my hand on the door knob as slow as a turtle. The door screeched as I twisted the knob and pulled the door open. When we looked up, and there he was again, the same person we saw standing across the street. He had blood splattered all over his black clothes, a knife in his right hand, muddy black boots, and had a Jason Voorhees mask covering his face.

“AHHH! RUN!” We ran upstairs into my moms room faster than the speed of light!

“What are you guys doing? Why are you screaming?!” she asked us.

“Mom! The m-man we saw outside, he’s.. he’s here! He’s c-coming upstairs! You have t-to do s-something!” I stuttered as my body shook in fear like an earthquake shaking a house.

“Uhh, Caitlyn…” said Ashley. “You might want to turn around…”

When I turned around, he was in the doorway.

“AHHH!” We all blared helplessly. My mom sat on her bed and started laughing at us.

“Mom?! How can you be laughing right now?!”

“Maybe you should take a better look at the man in the doorway,” she suggested to us.

He pulled off his mask, revealing himself.

“Dad?! What are you doing?! You scared us all to death! How could you do that?! How did you pull that off? I thought you were up here watching TV!” I looked at him in incredulity. He looked at us with an evil smirk on his face.

“Happy Halloween,” he said mischievously,


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