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European at a Religious Crossroad

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The Reformation was a movement in the 1500’s started by a priest named Martin Luther who wanted to reform the Roman Catholic Church. By the time many people thought that the clergy was far away from religious anymore, and some other thought that the Pope was involved too much in politics, and neglected his religious duties. The biggest objection was the sales of indulgences which were a pass to heaven. The Reformation began when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses in the front door of a church in Germany. People who agreed with Martin Luther and protested against the Catholic Church are called Protestants. The Protestants were the first ones to stand up against the Roman Catholic Church and presented their own opinions. The Protestants thought the Roman Catholic Church was drifting away from the core or the true meaning of religion. The Reformation gave a big impact on the meaning of religion, and the value of religion to the people as people began to think that the Roman Catholic Church was not the only way to interact with God.

By the 18th century there were social changes in the aspect of meaning of religion. People connected to religion directly, and individually caused by the untruthful Roman Catholic Church. Before the events people were forced to obey religion and were not granted any choice or they have been executed from the community. They didn’t follow religion for their own belief but because of pressure and all powerful force. In contrast starting from the Crusades people started to doubt the clergy and when the Plague arrived and killed millions, people doubted the Church system and had many complaints. The dubious and doubtful people wanted to reform and stepped up against the Church. They proved their importance and value of religion as they stood for their own devotion of religion. By the beginning of the Modern Era people weighed their own importances and beliefs of life to be important and understood the Church was not the one who could force them to think just inside the box.


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