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Discuss the Claim That Power in Global Politics Is Mostly Exercised Through the Use of Force and Threats

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a view of equality, which also contributes to the existence and rise of soft power, meanwhile hard power limits the entitlement of soft power, it would be difficult for countries to maintain good relationships with country and mostly the borders of the country this would make it very easy for the countries surrounding the other invade easily. It is very difficult to control states with the use of hard power, because they would have the believe that no outsider can come and tell them what to do or handle their situations in their country, for example the situation of Libya and human interventions, the country doesn’t support any intervention of anyone or any country, because it would portray them as weak, and how they can’t handle their problems by themselves, some of these intervention might not be for the benefit of the country, might come in as a bad intention to destroy the country that is being . Soft power provides the privilege for countries/state to make good trade deals, and other beneficial deals, that benefits both countries, soft power makes the country more developed,reduce the risk of getting invaded,be part of the global community and so much more.

Therefore the claim that power in global politics is mostly exercised through the use of force and threats, as said earlier is true to some extent because some countries try to use the approach of soft power but still operate through hard power, power in global politics is there exercised mostly in soft power, because it creates good relationship in countries/state and good deals.


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