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This Execrable Town

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“Sounds like some sort of... interrogation”, Tom grimaced.

“That was my first thought. The surveillance camera was placed right in front of the door. There is

no other exit other than that door; No secret doorways, attics, not even a window. If there was something, I would've found it”, he growled.

“The camera won't be of any use. This was planned, carefully planned, they couldn't have missed it,” Forbes opined.

Samson grunted in agreement.

“What about the other girl?” Jenna inquired.

“Stan sent me a file earlier. Apparently, she has no family or friends to speak of. Lisa's parents had no clue who she was but he found out where she lives. Her name is Amanda Banks, 19 also.”

Tom scraped his dirty-blonde hair back with bony fingers.

Forbes inhaled deeply and stared at nothing for what seemed like an eternity. “Detective Gareth. Go back to the station and help Stan.”

Back at the station, Stan was searching intently through the camera footage. He was clicking fiercely and sighing in exasperation.

“No luck?”

“Oh, Tom. Hey. None at all. I can't find anything. Please take a look at this for me? You must be able to find something.”

Tom stared blankly at the computer screen and seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours with no sign of any clue. His head started to throb and his eyes were drooping from looking at the screen so long but then something caught his eye. He zoomed in and made the image more clear and sighed deeply with a smug grin on his face. He tapped Stan's shoulders and pointed at the screen with his index finger.



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