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Their Eyes Were Watching God Paper

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is explaining that Joe can’t be mad at Janie for exposing Joe to her community because Joe is constantly doing the same to her. Togeather, both Janie and Joe are making there community of Eatonville a place of judgement.

As well as a job Hurston does fitting Janie in the nature of her community through her speech. Hurston uses Janie’s speech to strengthen the understanding of her character and the situation she is in. Throughout the book, Janie’s character is built upon the consecutive situations she finds herself in which can be read through her dialogue in the text. While Janie is speaking to Joe, she blurts "You ain’t tried tuh pacify nobody but yo’self." (Hurston 120) Janie’s serious dialogue and speech explains that she believes that Joe’s obsession with becoming a voice in the community is making him a bad listener. Janie shows a very strong character that wants to control what others do in the community and wants to give herself a bigger voice through a clean, free, and steady relationship. When the hurricane is coming close to the muck; Janie says "Ole Massa is doin’ His work now. Us oughta keep quiet." (Hurston 170) Janie is trying to tell her friends to show reverence towards the hurricane because they are at God’s judgement. This quote tells us that Janie speech shows both seriousness and awareness of the situations around her. Janie shows her extreme care for the nature around her as well. Janie’s speech gives us a clear snapshot of what her opinion is on the world around here. Her thoughts tell us "Nature is de first of everything." (Hurston 52) Janie’s thoughts are explaining that she puts nature first in here life.

Throughout the book, They’re eyes were Watching God Zora Hurston does a very good job explaining Janie’s life quality, nature for her community, and understanding of her personal character through her speech and dialect. Much like the newly President elect Donald Trump; Janie says what she wants so she can make her voice heard and craft herself a powerful identity. Within the book, Janie often speaks out for the sake of her character and community; showing her strive to become a part of her community through her voice. Janie’s life quality and nature in her community can be easily discovered through her speech


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