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Evil and Good

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ii. This action is very vital to the story because it shows Woland doing a act of good. He is the devil yet when he puts the head back on, it showed that truly had no bad will. The devil in this story is one who abides by the people's wants. He also shows that money is a huge factor in the choices of people.

c. ‘Money,’ the artiste went on, ‘must be kept in the state bank, in special dry and well-guarded rooms, and by no means in some aunt’s cellar, where it may, in particular, suffer damage from rats! Really, Kanavkin, for shame! You’re a grown-up!’ (Bulgakov, pg 178)

i. Money is seen as really valuable in this society. Money gives one a better house and more power. For some it is freedom.

ii. Money is mentioned in the same sentence as rats (common symbol of evil). this is a message that money is the root of the bad. It is the main reason people do immoral things.

Money is seen as something important and a huge necessity. Moscow Is a place of chaos and poverty. Woland is smart and aware of the effect of money and uses it to his advantage.

This can relate to the bigger picture of the doubt of religion. The amount of atheists have risen in the past years due to people doubting the existence of God due to science. Money is the root of evil and makes people forget about morality and religion. Supernatural events occur due to Woland, but he proves to have actual nature . Instead he only committed evil acts when the pole did or wanted one to be done.


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